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Product Details

This portable solar generator is a complete turn-key backup power solution for nearly any mobile application, ready for immediate operation. The primary components that a complete off-grid solar power system neccesarily required are put into one box, including solar panel, solar charge controller, battery and DC-AC inverter, which make it a lightweight truly portable power system, not requiring a forklift or trailer to move it into operation. It’s designed for wide applications, such as outdoor work, long-distance travel, household appliances, outdoor communication or camping.


  • One box autonomy solar power system, easy to operate.
  • High portability, lightweight, easy to move.
  • Self-sufficiency, just use it where need, leave it under the sunlight, it will do the rest to be ready for next use.
  • Adaptability, DC 12V & AC 220V output, suitable for various applications.
  • Wide applications, including hunting cabins, outbuildings, contractors, survivalists, farmers, tailgating, outdoor events, long-distance travel, household appliances, and camping.

Typical Use Case

Appliances Load Power Quantity Daily Working Hours Daily Power Consumption Continued Working Days
Fluorescent lamp 40W 2 2 160Wh 3.5 Days
TV (21 inch) 60W 1 2 120Wh 4.5 Days
Laptop 60W 1 2 120Wh 4.5 Days
Inkjet printer 30W 1 0.5 15Wh 37 Days
Inkjet fax 150W 1 0.5 75Wh 7.5 Days
TV topbox 25W 1 2 50Wh 11 Days
Fan 50W 1 2 100Wh 5.5 Days
FM Radio 3W 1 6 18Wh 30 Days
Cell phone 2.5W 1 8 40Wh 13 Days
Intercom 7.5W 1 6 45Wh 12 Days
Satellite Phone 12W 1 2 24Wh 24 Days
GPS 4W 1 4 16Wh 34 Days

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